When Will They Open Their Eyes?

MARCH 8, 2016
By Carol Webster
As our province continues down a spiral of job losses, the highest unemployment we’ve seen in decades, business closures and mortgage defaults; our newly elected NDP government has shown their support and concern by pushing Bill 6 through without proper public consultation, continues to interfere with private business practices and are trying to shove their carbon tax down our throats. And just what will this new tax accomplish? Well for starters a typical Alberta family can expect to pay an additional $1000 per year or more. That’s the difference between paying for your child’s swimming or dance lessons, hockey or baseball fees and for some it could mean less in the family budget for basic necessities such a groceries, utilities and rent.
I wonder if Rachel Notley has ever had to live paycheck to paycheck? I would like to see her live on the measly $424/week maximum that EI pays. Will she have to live on $1600/month like our seniors are expected to? Not likely, we will pay her a huge pension after 4 years of a cushy wage and expense account all from the backs of hard working Albertans. And what do we get in return? Screwed! We get a government who does not care what the people think or what they need. When protestors have to line the streets just to have a voice, which unfortunately seems to be falling on deaf ears.
Small business in Alberta are failing and what does our government do to fix it? Introduce new taxes, regulations and more red-tape. We were told that the sharp increase in the minimum wage will not affect employment. Bull doodoo. My business has already had to reduce staff and we haven’t hit the top of the $15/hour wage. Now this carbon tax can only put more pressure on businesses already teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. When will the NDPs open their eyes to see what they are doing to this province? When they bankrupt every business and the province along with them?
We need to write to the provincial NDP MLAs to help them realize that a foot in the wrong direction will have lasting consequences that will take years for us to correct. Sadly they are not taking small steps, they are leaping into disaster that they will walk away from unscathed. You and I will not. We will be the ones to pay, and pay, and pay.

Carol Webster

Carol Webster is the Editor/Publisher of The Grizzly Gazette. Beginning her newspaper career in 1989 as a typesetter for the Swan Hills Grizzly Gazette, Carol and her family were given the opportunity to purchase the weekly newspaper from Barrhead Printers and Stationers in September, 1990; bringing the publication back home to Swan Hills. As a second generation Swan Hillian, Carol continues to live in Swan Hills with her family; husband Robyn and son Aaron.

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