You Broke It, You Fix It

Dec 15, 2016
By Carol Webster
I have heard everything now. I know I have said that before but I just about hit the roof with this one.
I just received a press release from the Canadian Taxpayers Association begging Canadians to help bail out industry giant Bombardier Inc. Never in my life have I been so pissed off at the stupidity and audacity.
According to the press release: “Canadians have been giving generously to help struggling people, from homeless in their own communities to newly-arrived refugees,” said CTF (Canadian Taxpayer Federation) Federal Director Aaron Wudrick. “Sadly, it seems no one is focusing on our neediest corporations. Bombardier has come cap in hand to Ottawa begging for $1.3 billion in taxpayer cash. So we decided we’d take the request off the hands of the government and see just how willing generous Canadians were to help this needy corporation out.”
HUH? Are you fricking kidding me? What makes this joker think that honest hardworking Canadians would choose to bail out a billion dollar business with corporate wages in the millions? According to a Globe and Mail article dated March 31, 2015; the former Bombardier CEO earned total direct compensation of $5.16 million in 2014 a cut from $6 million in 2013. This CEO resigned and the company cut the wages again to include a base salary of $1.27 million with annual incentive plan bonuses of $590,000. WOW! Poor bastard. I’d like to see those over paid executives take a cut like the average Canadian who have lost their $50,000/year jobs to now live on the measly, pathetic, joke of EI payments of $22,320/year.
I am sick and tired of corporate bailouts and special interest handouts from OUR TAX DOLLARS. I do feel for these companies but only for the sake of their employees that make the grunt wages. I’m struggling to keep my business open but there will be no bail out for the Swan Hills Grizzly Gazette or any little company in this or any other small town in Canada. What pisses me off the most is that my hard earned money goes to pay some fat cat sitting on his ass in a leather chair eating $100 dinners, wearing Armani. What? He’s going to have to cut his holidays to 6 weeks at one of his vacation homes in Canada instead of flying to Europe? How about the homeless who can’t afford to eat today, the seniors who can’t afford to pay for their medication this week. I, myself had to choose between buying my grandsons christmas gifts or pay my power bill. The grandsons won. And some ass says (taken from the Bombardier press release): “This is a company that has already had to beg for more than $1.3 billion from the Quebec government, and is asking for a similar amount from Ottawa,” said Wudrick. “No corporate executive should have to suffer the indignity and embarrassment of begging politicians for taxpayer dollars, especially at Christmas. I am sure Canadians will give generously to such an important cause, and we’ll be happy to send them along whatever we collect, whether it be $1.3 billion, or, as of our last count, $4.65.”
No Canadian should have to suffer the indignity and embarrassment of begging for FOOD, or LODGING. It’s time to get our priorities straight. Enough with the bailouts, handouts and high corporate and government wages. It’s time to think about people. The hard working people that are forced to give 1/2 their wages to governments who don’t listen to them and continue to hand out taxpayers dollars willy, nilly and give so little back to their people. It’s time Canadians stand up and say ENOUGH is enough!
Our severely mismanaged provincial and federal governments need to take a step back and look at what is really important and where Canadians dollars should be spent. We can no longer afford to give the rich breaks when the poor are starving.
Our Premier has heard from farmers but has chosen not to listen. Our Prime Minister has chosen to give better healthcare to refugees than the average Canadian gets. Is the money they spend theirs? No, it’s ours but our governments continue to waste our dollars trying to be the “good guys” while our own people struggle to make ends meet.
I would like to see our overpaid bureaucrats live on the wages of the private sector. Get rid of the $200,000 – $600,000/year wages and make them see what it is like to live like the average Canadian.
Corporate giants like Bombardier could save a lot of money by shaving their high executive wages. Why should we pay for their mismanagement?
We are supposed to be a free country that treats all fairly. What a load bull that is. Canada does not treat all fairly. Canadians get the short end of the stick every time.
Want a better life? Come to Canada you will be treated better than those who have lived here for generations. Big business in trouble? Call the government, they will take the food from starving childrens mouths to bail you out.
Canada is truly the friendliest country in the world. Well it is to everyone but the hard working Canadians that continue to give, give, give.
I used to be proud of my country, now it just makes me sick to see how little the people mean to the powers that be.
And to Bombardier and any other Corporation looking for a handout. You broke it, now you can fix it.

Carol Webster

Carol Webster is the Editor/Publisher of The Grizzly Gazette. Beginning her newspaper career in 1989 as a typesetter for the Swan Hills Grizzly Gazette, Carol and her family were given the opportunity to purchase the weekly newspaper from Barrhead Printers and Stationers in September, 1990; bringing the publication back home to Swan Hills. As a second generation Swan Hillian, Carol continues to live in Swan Hills with her family; husband Robyn and son Aaron.

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