Trudeau and the Aga Khan: A storm in a Bahamas teacup

Justin Trudeau's relationship with the Aga Khan is a healthy thing for Canadians and the Islam world in these troubled times

Trudeau and the Aga Khan: A storm in a Bahamas teacupOn Dec. 31, as Canada was about to inaugurate its 150th year, some sharp-eyed reporters noticed something wrong: the prime minister was absent. Where was Justin Trudeau? He and his family were on a private island in the Caribbean visiting the Aga Khan. Apart from criticizing the PM for missing the launch of this important national…

The end of economics (as we know it)

Monetarism’s failings are giving rise to the new economy of wellbeing

The end of economics (as we know it)The world is changing. And while many of these changes are obvious, such as the revolution in technology or the tectonic shifts in world politics, there are also significant changes taking place in the ideas that underpin the science of economics. Why do these ideas matter? They matter because economics is a foundational science. The…
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