Alberta has 4th highest number of active businesses with employees

The industry sectors with the most locations are construction, professional, scientific and technical services, and retail

Alberta has the fourth highest number of active businesses with employees in Canada, according to Statistics Canada.

The federal agency reported Thursday that there were 1,283,789 active businesses with employees in December across Canada.

Provincially, Ontario reported the highest number of active businesses with employees at 471,846, followed by Quebec at 261,002, British Columbia at 201,904 and Alberta at 175,346, it said.

constructionThe three industry sectors in Canada with the most business locations were construction (148,006), professional, scientific and technical services (146,782), and retail trade (145,274). In addition, there were 2,859,965 active businesses without employees and with annual revenues greater than $30,000.

The report said there are 39,516 food and beverage stores in Canada with Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver having the highest density of locations. Rated by stores per 10 square kilometres were 12.1 in Montreal, 11.3 in Toronto and 8.7 in Vancouver.

Calgary’s density was 2.9 while in Edmonton it was 1.5.

StatsCan also reported that there are 40,522 businesses in the field of performing arts, spectator sports and related industries in Canada.

The number of business locations per 10,000 population was 11.53 in Canada. In Alberta, it was 7.42.

– Mario Toneguzzi for Calgary’s Business

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