Alberta gains, Saskatchewan loses in 2018 net migration

According to a recent ATB Financial Economics & Research Team economic update, the number of people moving to Alberta from other parts of Canada was higher than the number moving out last year, for a net gain of 7,736 new residents.

But where are they coming from?

“British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan stand out in this regard, accounting for 76 per cent of the total movement of people in and out of Alberta last year,” said ATB in its The Owl economic update on Monday.

“On a net basis, Alberta lost the most residents to Ontario (-1,272), followed by B.C. (-811) and Nunavut (-79). We gained the most residents from Saskatchewan (+4,796), Manitoba (+2,497), and Newfoundland and Labrador (+1,781).”

Over 20 years, ATB said, 931,975 people moved either to Alberta from B.C., or from Alberta to B.C., with a net gain of 1,131 residents in favour of Alberta.

“A total of 664,448 people flowed between Alberta and Ontario, with Alberta gaining 121,624 residents from the nation’s most populated province,” it explained.

“The exchange of residents with our neighbour directly to the east totalled 368,586, with Alberta gaining 59,816 residents from Saskatchewan. Alberta has not lost people to Saskatchewan on an annual basis since 2010.”

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