Calgary Chamber calling on cut to corporate tax rate

Once known as a province where risks were often rewarded, many investors now see Alberta as too risky

The Calgary Chamber released its election platform recommendations on Thursday calling for a cut in the corporate tax rate and a reduction of layered costs and regulations on business.

“Successive governments have made numerous decisions that have severely impacted business confidence, investment and competitiveness. Once known as a province where risks were often rewarded, many investors now see Alberta as too risky,” said Sandip Lalli, President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber, in a statement.

“There is a path forward. Businesses are ready to grow and punch their way out of this. But they expect a lot more from governments. We, as citizens, need to vote for the policies we want to see govern our businesses and communities. Our city’s businesses, entrepreneurs, dreamers and scientists will take care of the rest.”

Sandip Lalli
Sandip Lalli

The Chamber’s 2019 Alberta Provincial Election Platform titled Businesses Drive Cities That Thrive has nine specific recommendations under five principles for all provincial parties to adopt as they vie this spring to become the next government.

Those recommendations include:

  • A cut to the corporate tax rate;
  • A reduction of layered costs and regulations on business including the elimination of two regulations for every one introduced;
  • A disciplined plan to return to balanced budgets;
  • Adherence to contracts with business and the rule of law; and
  • A commitment to prevent future free market intervention

The Chamber said the recommendations were developed with input from business leaders with the following principles – creating stability through fiscal responsibility; driving productivity through regulatory and tax reform; supporting growth through internal trade and access to markets; increasing certainty through good governance and accountability; and preparing for the future by developing and retaining a skilled workforce.

– Mario Toneguzzi for Calgary’s Business

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