4 tips to getting happy in troubled economic times

Canadian researcher Gillian Mandich offers tips on how to achieve a flow of happiness in your life

Mario ToneguzziThe economy is struggling, small business owners are stressed and many people are either unemployed or underemployed.

What can you do to find that sliver of happiness in trouble economic times?

Canadian researcher Gillian Mandich’s has some tips on how to achieve a flow of happiness in your life.

Among them:

“Implement little rituals: Whether it’s morning meditation, an evening workout, or simply taking the time throughout the day to get up and move, carve out regular routines to dedicate some time to yourself. Cut out distractions – try to find a quiet place or wear headphones with your phone out of sight or on airplane mode.

Gillian Mandich
Gillian Mandich

“Create a serene space: Organize your surroundings to help declutter not only the physical space around you, but also your mind and spirit. I like to surround myself with little things that bring me joy such as colourful items, background music, essential oils and I make sure I have everything around that I may need including tea to sip on and snacks.

“Avoid being hungry: Hunger will kill flow, so it’s important to have snacks around that will give you high quality fuel and will release glucose slowly into your bloodstream and provide sustained energy. What you eat depends on your dietary preferences and general tastes but one of my favourite snacks is almonds as they contain the winning trifecta of protein, fibre and healthy fats. I love that they are portable and easy to enjoy anytime and are available in many flavours for a satisfying crunch.

“Make sure you are rested: Prioritizing sleep is important because it’s not just about getting sufficient quantity of sleep, but also that your sleep is high quality. Being well-rested puts you at your best and allows you to tap into flow. If you are tired your ability to concentrate will decrease, and smaller distractions will more easily pull you away from flow.”


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