Kim Orlesky puts passion at the forefront of sales

KO Advantage Group stresses tenacity, integrity and creativity in its sales training program

Kim Orlesky is a sales coach, author and speaker.

Kim Orlesky

What is KO Advantage Group and how was it started?

Orlesky: KO Advantage Group is Canada’s fastest-growing sales school.

Back in 2014, I made the bold choice to quit my corporate job and travel the world for six months. When I came back, I decided if I wanted my life to truly allow me to find freedom and travel, I needed to start my own company. After a couple of iterations, I eventually came back to my true love, sales.

I realized what most entrepreneurs fail at when it comes to building their business is creating consistent sales and understanding the strategy that separates those who just make it from those who are securing premium-priced contracts. I wanted to create a program that would teach more companies and entrepreneurs on how to find the right clients, have the right conversations, and sell more. Faster.

What is KO Sales U?

Orlesky: KO Sales U is a sales program that teaches high-value sales process at the same time as you apply it.

When I wanted to create a sales school, the only ones I found were the classic three days of being sequestered in a boardroom and learning everything you possibly could about sales. It didn’t work when I was a full-time salesperson and I couldn’t see how it would work today.

KO Sales U is the only program that’s focused on comprehension and application over education. Over 10 weeks, students log in with their instructor to learn that week’s lesson. From prospecting, to reaching out, to eventually closing the business, each week students are learning and immediately seeing the results when they apply their lesson.

What do you attribute to your success?

Orlesky: Tenacity. There were days when I didn’t know where the next wave of revenue would come from. But I knew that if I kept pushing with passion, it would also come.

I do the same things I tell my students to do. I have a list of prospects. I’m on the phone for hours a week making relationships, helping in any way I can, and educating on the sales process.

It may not pay right away, but it always does. Keep at it. Never give up. And love what you do, because when the day is over, the passion should always be there.

What are the keys for being a successful salesperson?

Orlesky: In KO Sales U, we open the program by giving the three secrets to being an amazing salesperson. Tenacity, integrity and creativity. I spoke about tenacity.

Integrity should be in everything you do. Do what you say and say what you’ll do. And be honest about it. It’s okay if you can’t deliver the product or service on time and on budget, but be upfront and honest about it. Let the client know as soon as possible. It may be an uncomfortable conversation, but you’ll gain massive respect.

Creativity may not be for every salesperson, but if you’re setting yourself apart from the competition and wanting to be the premium provider at the premium price, this means you need to be thinking outside the box. What else is the client wanting to achieve and how do you help them do it better? Help today and it will always pay huge later.

What are your plans for the future of the company?

Orlesky: We’ve grown a lot in the last year, and we are so fortunate to have students who continue to be with us past KO Sales U for our newest program, Mastery.

We’re making more alignment with some great companies and programs and I see us bringing on more sales trainers, building a strong business development team, and a fully-engaged knockout experience for all students.

The long-term dream is to have one million students of our programs through either KO Sales U, my upcoming book Sell More. Faster. Or attending one of the various events my team and I present at.

Sales is not something scary. It’s a lot of fun. And when we can put more of the human connection into it we all succeed.

– Mario Toneguzzi

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