Falling in love with barbecue

Jack Thompson of BroBBQ.com talks about the necessity of a slow and patient, yet spontaneous approach to grilling

Jack Thompson is founder of BroBBQ.com.

Jack Thompson

What is BroBBQ and what do you do? Where are you located? When and why did you start this up?

Thompson: BroBBQ is my brainchild, dedicated solely to all things BBQ. We are located in Texas. BroBBQ started February 2018 and I decided to start it just because BBQ is my passion and I want to develop a professional website to share all my experiences with people who love BBQ, too.

Is there an art to barbecuing?

Thompson: For me, barbecuing is even more than an art. I was once told: “Whatever you do in life, do it slow and steady like when you barbecue your beef cuts, because the best BBQ is slow cooked.”

To us, every BBQ attempt is a learning experience. It teaches us to be patient, humble, spontaneous, and sociable. Lack patience? Your BBQ is burned and raw. Can’t have a nice BBQ dinner without premium cuts? Every humble cut of meat can be made into something extraordinary. Don’t own any silverware? Use your bare hands.

BroBBQ is passionate about BBQ and hope that you are, too!

Why has barbecuing become so popular in our society?

Thompson: First and foremost, it is the taste of barbecue. BBQ is not just about grilling something. Since every culture has their unique way to cook it leads to the differences in the taste of each BBQ recipe. However, all of them are good and delicious and that makes people want to try it right away.

Secondly, BBQ is perfect for every activity, even camping, travelling, or a weekend party with your friends and your family.

Finally, nowadays, we have so many healthy BBQ recipes that can keep your body fit. You can still have a tasty BBQ meal even if you are a vegetarian. Therefore, how can people not to fall in love with BBQ?

Tell me about your Cuts of Beef infographic and how it works?

Thompson: Cuts of Beef is our newest diagram, which provides information about each cut of beef. In America, we have eight primal beef cuts and each of these are unique and very different from each other in the way they are handled, prepared, cooked and served.

In this diagram, you can hover around each part of the cow and then you will see the information for this part.

I find it is really helpful to non-professionals who always have trouble in choosing and cooking beef.

Why are you passionate about barbecuing?

Thompson: I had many years of experience working in restaurants and food industry before deciding to develop my own website about food. If you spend most of your life doing something, it will not only be a job, a career to make money, it will be a part of you. That’s why I called it my passion.

– Mario Toneguzzi

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