Early morning church break-in

The Swan Hills Baptist Church was visited by an unexpected guest last week, as church officials arrived for their morning building check. Angela Banks arrived at the church early Wednesday morning to a broken front window. Fearing a break-in, she called local RCMP and the Town By-law Officer. 

They quickly discovered that though the church window had been smashed, it was not a nefarious act that caused the damage. Entering the building, protective services along with local glass shop owner, Brent Cmoc, they found a young deer thrashing around looking for an escape. 

Shooing the slightly injured animal from the building, officials secured the facility and watched as the deer escaped across the plaza to the woods nearby. 

It is estimated that approximately $1200 – $2000 damage was caused, which the church will have to fund. Though insured, the damage may not be enough to justify a claim, leaving the church on the hook for the full amount. Anyone wishing to donate to the Swan Hills Baptist Church to assist with the repairs and clean-up costs, may do so by dropping donations off at the local ATB. 

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