Leprechaun Traps Foiled Again

St. Patrick’s Day project: building a trap to catch a leprechaun

The Swan Hills School Division One students had an exciting project for Saint Patrick’s Day this year; to build a trap to catch themselves a leprechaun. Grade one, two, and three students used the skills they had learned during their Science Building Units to design and build their traps at school during their Science classes. In previous
years Div. 1 students would complete this yearly project at home and bring the constructed traps to the school in time for March 17th, but the current COVID-19 public health measures have necessitated some adjustments to this activity. This year the students brought their own supplies from home in advance of the project’s start so that the supplies could be quarantined before working on the leprechaun traps.
The Div. 1 students came up with some very creative traps and inventive designs, but those leprechauns are crafty and hard to trick. The wee folk made an appearance in the early morning of St. Patrick’s Day and left quite a mess, but they were able to avoid the cunning traps left by the students. Hopefully, next year the Div. 1 students’ ingenuity will outfox those wily leprechauns!

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