Swan Hills students head back to school

Trevor Trefanenko and Caitlin Simard from Swan Hills EMS were on hand along Ravine Drive with a reminder for motorists that the School Zone was back in effect.

The summer has been good to Swan Hills this year. We’ve been treated to some hot summer days, but not too many and not nearly as hot as the blistering temperatures experienced last year. We’ve seen some rainy days this season, enough to keep us safe from wildfires but not so many that it drowned out the season.
As enjoyable as the summer has been, the seasons are turning, and the leaves are noticeably changing colour along the highways leading to town. It’s time to start contemplating fall activities, cozy sweaters as the temperature drops, backyard fire pits, and the approach of Halloween.
It’s that time of year again; Swan Hills children and youth headed back to school on Monday. The weather in Swan Hills cooperated with a nice warm day (even if the morning was overcast) to make for a welcoming first day of the school year for new and returning.

Students were well-behaved and appeared to be in good spirits as they greeted friends and found their way to class. The younger grades (Kindergarten to grade three) began the school year with a staggered start, but those in grades 4 -12 started the week off with a full day of school.
The Grizzly Gazette hopes everyone had a wonderful summer and wishes you all the best in your academic journey through the 2022/2023 school year.

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