Hive Digital Technologies CEO Aydin Kilic joined Steve Darling from Proactive to announce the company’s earnings report for the third quarter.

Kilic revealed that the company achieved remarkable revenue of $30.1 million during this quarter, primarily attributed to mining 830 Bitcoin. Notably, the Gross Operating Margin stood at an impressive 38%, translating to $11.3 million in income from digital currency mining operations.

Kilic highlighted that these figures represent a significant 146% increase in Gross Operating Margin compared to the previous quarter. He attributed the stronger Bitcoin mining economics to the rally in Bitcoin prices, potentially fuelled by the news surrounding Bitcoin ETFs in the United States and the subsequent SEC approval on January 10, 2024.

In addition to revenue from Bitcoin mining, the company realized $0.9 million in revenue during the quarter from its GPU-powered High Performance Computing business unit. This segment leverages the company’s GPUs for various AI computations, including inference and fine-tuning of large language models.

Overall, these impressive financial results underscore Hive Digital Technologies’ strong performance in the cryptocurrency mining sector and its strategic diversification into other high-growth areas such as AI computation.

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