HQCA releases 2019 survey results on resident and family experiences with designated supportive living sites in Alberta

Calgary, AB – TheNewswire – September 23, 2020 – Today, the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) released the results of its 2019 designated supportive living resident and family experience surveys. The provincial results are presented in two reports, the Designated Supportive Living Resident Experience Survey Report and the Designated Supportive Living Family Experience Survey Report, published on the HQCA’s website.

The reports capture the voices of more than 2,800 residents and more than 4,500 family members who rely on care from designated supportive living sites. Survey results, and a list of individual site scores in ranked order by Alberta Health Services (AHS) Zone, can be found in the reports.

“Designated supportive living sites across the province are facing unique challenges right now due the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Charlene McBrien-Morrison, Acting Chief Executive Officer. “Although these surveys were completed in 2019, prior to the pandemic, the results provide valuable insights into areas of success and opportunities for improvement in designated supportive living that can support future planning.”

The surveys asked residents and family members questions about a number of factors that influence their experiences with care and services at designated supportive living sites.

Highlights from the provincial survey results include:

  • On a scale of 10, the average Overall Care Rating provided by residents was 7.8, and 8.4 by family members, with no significant change since the previous survey in 2016.

    – Overall, 94 per cent of family members and 90 per cent of residents would recommend their resident’s DSL site.

    – 23 per cent of family members and 43 per cent of residents felt there were always enough nurses and aides in the site.

    – 50 per cent of residents said they were always satisfied with the activities offered.

    – 41 per cent of family members felt that the residents’ room always looked and smelled clean, and 43 per cent of family members felt that the residents themselves always looked and smelled clean.

“We identified some actions for improvement by prioritizing survey questions, from both the resident and family surveys, according to greatest opportunity for improvement,” said Ms. McBrien-Morrison. “These actions for improvement, available in our report, include areas such as staffing, cleanliness, and information sharing.”

This is the third time the HQCA has conducted these designated supportive living surveys; previous surveys were conducted in 2016 and 2013-14. While some individual sites did see significant changes in results from 2016 to 2019, at the provincial level there were no statistically significant changes in the 2019 results compared to the 2016 results.

The HQCA compared site characteristics among the survey results for both the family and resident surveys. Some of these results showed:

  • There were few differences when comparing private, not-for-profit, and AHS providers; of the few differences that were observed, not-for-profit sites had higher scores than AHS and private provider sites.

    – In general, smaller sites (fewer spaces) scored higher than larger sites.

    – There were no differences between urban and rural sites, and few differences based on the age of the site.

Both reports and a survey highlights document with the actions for improvement are available at http://www.hqca.ca/supportiveliving.

About Supportive Living

Supportive living is a continuing care option in Alberta that provides shared accommodations for individuals at various degrees of independence. The surveys included family members and residents of designated supportive living sites (levels 3, 4 and 4-Dementia), which provide accommodations as well as support from on-site healthcare staff.

About the HQCA

The Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) is a provincial agency that has a legislated mandate to engage with Albertans on their experience and satisfaction with patient safety, person-centred care, and health service quality.


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