Tinkerine Launches Enterprise Essential Training Program

September 3, 2020 – TheNewswire – Tinkerine(TM) Studios Ltd. (TSXV:TTD) (OTC:TKSTF) (“Tinkerine” or the “Company”) announces the Beta launch of Tinkerine’s skills development platform designed to assist manufacturing entities in implementing 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies into their workflows. This platform gives small and large enterprises the tools to evaluate how new manufacturing techniques can increase productivity, create efficient and effective supply chains, and distribute manufacturing in localized settings. The skills development platform is part of Tinkerine’s Production of Things 2.0 initiative.

This platform gives businesses the quantitative tools to assess the value of 3D printing and how it can transform manufacturing in a socially responsible manner.

Tinkerine’s first module focuses on the following learnings:

  1. 1.Understand and compare different production methods, including injection moulding, subtractive manufacturing, and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

  2. 2.Understand the fundamental concepts and workflow of 3D printing for thermoplastics,

photoreactive resin, and powder materials.

  1. 3.Understand the performance and limitations of each type of 3D printing process.

  2. 4.Acquire the vocabulary necessary to navigate the complex landscape of 3D printing equipment, materials, and applications.

  3. 5.Acquire the skills necessary to design parts for 3D printing.

  4. 6.Quantitatively assess the value of a 3D printed part based on its production cost and


  1. 7.Understand how to identify how, when, and where 3D printing can create value across the entire product lifecycle, from design concepts to end-of-life.

  2. 8.Understand how to select a 3D printing process and material for a specific application.

  3. 9.Evaluate the business case for transitioning a product to be made using 3D printing versus conventional methods, either in part or in whole.

  4. 10.Develop a cutting-edge perspective on digital transformation and the factory of the future.

Each module is integrated with Tinkerine Cloud, a cloud-enabled web platform for enterprises and institutions seeking to enable and optimize additive manufacturing into their workflows. These modules are part of the larger Production of Things 2.0 initiative previously disclosed by Tinkerine and discussed in a recent Tinkchat video series available on Youtube at:


Eugene Suyu, Chief Executive Officer states; “The deployment of a skills program is aimed directly at enabling manufacturers to critically evaluate the changing climate of manufacturing and supply chain through advanced technologies. If we do this right, supply chains will be transformed, creativity and design will accelerate, and the entire manufacturing ecosystem will be realigned.”

About Tinkerine

Our mission is to provide a foundational understanding about Applied Design driven by 3D printing. Our ecosystem of 3D printing products and educational resources equips future generations with the innovative tools and products to stay ahead in a fast-paced, tech-driven world. Tinkerine enables the curious to convert creative ideas into the tangible and the unimaginable. All Tinkerine 3D printers and education services are designed and manufactured in Canada.

For further information please contact:

Dean Stuart

T: 403 617 7609

E: dean@boardmarker.net

Eugene Suyu

Chief Executive Officer

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