Update of KDA’s Technological Platforms in the Cannabis Field for Medical Purposes

Thetford Mines, Quebec TheNewswire – September 9, 2020 KDA Group Inc. (TSXV:KDA) (“KDA” or the “Corporation“) is pleased to provide an update on its technological platforms in the cannabis field for medical purposes (the “Elixir420“) previously announced in its press release dated April 9, 2020.

KDA plans to develop Elixir420 as four technological platforms and exploit them in Canada. This will consist in the development of software applications: Virtual Clinics, Virtual Pharmacy, eCommerce for orders of medical cannabis products and Counselling and training Services on medical cannabis products for doctors, pharmacists and patients.

By 2020, the medical and recreational cannabis industry will have a retail value of $6.8 billion, larger than the hard liquor market and almost as large as the wine market.1 The medical cannabis market will undoubtedly have a tremendous and continuing growth. The total size of Canada’s medical cannabis market projections show us that the market will probably increase to around $2.4 billion by 2025.2

In 2019, there were 91,375 physicians in Canada and 19.8% (18,086) have provided an authorization for medical cannabis for almost 364,000 registered medical cannabis clients at the end of June 2019 in Canada.3

Furthermore, medical cannabis patients tend to buy cannabis products more often, as well as use that product more frequently, when compared to recreational cannabis users. The average spend yearly among medical cannabis patients is $2,100 compared to $1,400 for the general population.4

Medical cannabis can treat symptoms of certain medical conditions, such as chronic pain, hard-to-control epilepsy and chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting,5 and Medical professionals have to ensure they consider all treatment options including medical cannabis where relevant and help find the best treatment based on the patient’s needs.

The key to the success of Elixir420’s business model will be to eventually have the largest number of user physicians, which will persuade manufacturers to place their products on its virtual shelves. Also, Elixir420’s IT tools will make it easier for patients to be educated and know the benefits of medical cannabis products. Patients need to have efficient IT tools to easily access doctors in telemedicine, be able to use computerized appointment systems and be able to order medical cannabis products easily and efficiently.

“The heart of this ecosystem is ultimately the doctor. As of today, the main distribution problem faced by manufacturers of medical cannabis products is that there are few doctors who dare to prescribe these products because they do not know the products, their beneficial effects and for what specific indications these products should be prescribed. Our technological platforms will overcome these problems and will also allow KDA to export Elixir420 to countries where the legalization of medical cannabis is in force,” said Marc Lemieux, Chief Executive Officer of KDA.

KDA will retain among others the services of Vigilance Sante and will make available on its platforms their excellent RxVigilance software, the essential IT tool used by nearly 8,900 healthcare professionals for decision-making assistance aimed to ensure the safe and optimal use of prescription drugs.

Elixir420’s IT tools will have a reputation already recognized by the medical community such as Vigilance Sante. These professional tools should be able to manage drug to drug interactions, their side effects, indications and diagnoses related to medical cannabis products as there are currently around 337 known drugs on the market that interact with cannabis.6

The Corporation wishes to inform that due to COVID-19 pandemic and other developments, it has decided not to pursue the proposed transaction with Consultandgrow Inc. previously announced in its press release dated August 7, 2019.


KDA Group is a leading innovation and specialized solution provider in the pharmaceutical market. Today, it is a respected name for quality and expertise among the different stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and medical sector. Its management team is guided by a vision of continuing to lead the way in Quebec while extending operations across Canada and internationally. Additional information on the Corporation is available at www.kdagroup.ca and on SEDAR at www.sedar.com.


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– 30 –


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Chief Executive Officer

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