Video: How managers can best handle difficult conversations

Managers often must have difficult conservations on staff work performance. Professional facilitator Robin Parsons discusses how leaders can prepare

One of the greatest challenges managers face is how to have a difficult conversation with a staff person.

Managers often must have difficult conservations  on work performance, matters of discipline or in cases of conflict. Professional facilitator Robin Parsons discusses how leaders can prepare for such conversations and handle at times unexpected discoveries.

About Robin Parsons

Robin Parsons (MBA, CPF, CTF) and can help you harness the knowledge and expertise you already have on hand. She will design a tailor-made facilitation process to draw insights from your group’s participants while improving communication, cooperation and clarity along the way.

She offers a professional process suited to the modern workplace, helping you navigate difficult decisions, changing realities and common organizational challenges alongside your fellow team members.

Her processes are geared towards your business objectives and she leads with a key principle in mind: to make sure every voice in the room is heard.

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