ABT Capital Markets Announces the Launch of an Innovative Investment Platform Providing a New Generation of Investors with Access to Private Equity and Alternative Investment

Vancouver, B.C. – TheNewswire – November 17, 2020 – ABT Capital Markets Inc. announces the launch of an innovative digital platform, providing individuals with the opportunity to invest in private companies with real social and community impact. ABT Capital connects aspiring investors with the socially responsible companies of tomorrow, through the use of leading edge AI and ESG data analytics to optimize investment decisions.

ABT Capital was founded with the dual mission of democratizing private equity and alternative investment. "We want to make these inclusive and available to anyone, regardless of contribution size or accreditation. Our objective is to become the leading provider of socially responsible micro hedge funds. This will provide alternative financing for early-stage Canadian growth startups with social impact – enabling them to tap into growth opportunities and reach new heights," said ABT Capital, Chairman, John Gan.

"We’ve built a leading-edge platform that will provide investors with the opportunity to buy into budding startups. This will create true diversification through alternative investments in a Balanced Portfolio. Our focus lies in aligning the interests of investors and founders, through the lens of key environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) data. At ABT, we’re creating an environment where anyone – not just the wealthy – can invest in privately held startup businesses. This will positively impact local communities by creating jobs and providing the opportunity for investment growth."

ABT Capital Forms Strategic Partnership with ESG Analytics

Earlier this month, ABT announced the acquisition of a 25% stake in ESG Analytics and appointed the Founder – Qayyum Rajan, CFA as ABT’s Vice President and Portfolio Manager. ESG Analytics is an AI-powered environmental, social and governance data analytics and research firm at the forefront of ESG analysis and reporting. Rajan has created a dynamic platform that applies alternative data metrics and AI to measure opportunities and risks in the ESG practices of countries, companies and ETFs worldwide. ESG Analytics’ robust data intelligence will support ABT Capital’s analytics-driven decision-making process, providing a holistic understanding of potential investment opportunities.

"A strategic partnership with ABT Capital is a natural fit, as both companies are built on the principles of innovation and accessibility," said Rajan. "ESG Analytics’ objective is to empower businesses and individuals by providing access to comprehensive global ESG data. This provides a synergistic fit with ABT Capital’s objective to revolutionize the world of private equity investment through greater accessibility."

ABT Capital empowers investors to test the waters of private equity by providing the data, resources, and support for non-professional investors to make educated investment decisions. ABT’s micro hedge funds provide the opportunity for these investors to support the companies they believe in before they go public. And this will provide these investors with ground floor opportunities to share in the successes of high potential, community-based startups.

About ABT Capital Markets Inc.

ABT Capital Markets Inc. is a fully-integrated capital markets firm, providing financial and digital infrastructure to provide investors with access to sophisticated investment strategies through the employment of advanced AI. More information about ABT Capital is available on the company’s website at https://www.abtmarkets.com.

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