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Mario ToneguzziSince the collapse of oil prices that began in late 2014, the energy sector has been hard hit when it comes to employment opportunities. Thousands of jobs were lost in 2015 and 2016.

And the industry continues to struggle – as do many people looking for work in the industry.

On Thursday, the PetroLMI Division of Energy Safety Canada launched an enhanced website with added features to help Canadians pursue new or different career opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

“Helping Canada’s workforce to pursue and advance into new opportunities in the oil and gas industry has always been a mandate of PetroLMI. But equally important after more than five years of disruption in the industry is supporting both employers and oil and gas workers with their transition to different jobs or into new, growing or changing industry sectors,” said Carol Howes, vice-president of Energy Safety Canada’s communications and PetroLMI, in a news release.

“These added features to our website allow jobs seekers to consider new careers and then scan potential job opportunities across Canada. They also provide workforce planners insights on in-demand jobs by each region.”

The organization said, a fully bilingual site, now offers an easier-to-use self-assessment tool to review career options, a broader scope of available job postings and more career and workforce planning information, including an interactive dashboard that provides labour market projections for different regions of Canada, sub-sectors of the industry and different industry occupations.

It said Career Explorer, a career planning tool launched in 2017, allows users to search and compare more than 100 career profiles.

“It now links to a wider variety of job postings through the Government of Canada’s Job Bank and commercial job boards. A revised self-assessment tool allows users to more easily choose suitable career options by providing their work preferences and qualifications. Later this fall, new profiles will be added to Career Explorer, including those that focus on new and expanding opportunities in areas such as technology architecture, data science, environmental and corporate social responsibility and asset integrity,” said the organization.

“Data from PetroLMI’s regularly published industry labour market outlook reports is now also available on an interactive dashboard. Labour market projections are visually displayed by regions, industry sub-sectors and occupations. Along with PetroLMI’s monthly Employment and Labour Data, this new dashboard allows users to interact with and download the data, enabling them to make better informed, data-driven decisions.”

Mario Toneguzzi is a Troy Media business reporter based in Calgary.

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