Job board Swob responds to the needs of a changing workplace

Stephanie and Alexander (middle) from Swob talk with Richard Branson. Branson endorsed Swob as the Number 1 social recruitment platform amongst millennial job seekers
Stephanie and Alexander from Swob talk with Richard Branson. Branson endorsed Swob as the Number 1 social recruitment platform amongst millennial job seekers

Stephanie Florio is co-founder of Swob, a different kind of job board that responds to the needs and trends of a changing workforce. She shares with us why she and her brother Alexander started the business.

Stephanie Florio
Stephanie Florio

Swob is a social recruiting platform to help employers and HR professionals in high turnover industries find local talent, using our smart recruiting service. Sir Richard Branson even endorsed Swob™ as the Number 1 social recruitment platform amongst millennial job seekers.

The idea for Swob came from my brother, Alexander, who was in the process of applying for jobs, and thought there needed to be an easier way. Prior to launching Swob in November of 2017, we spent a year meeting with Millennials and Gen Z’ers to learn about how they apply to jobs, and their frustrations in doing so. What quickly became evident was the lack of resources and tools to help them in their employment search. While the ‘full-time, professional’ market has resources, there was no relevant resource available for young job seekers.

We also met with employers to understand what they would like to see in a recruiting platform. We were surprised to learn that a lot of employers’ struggle to recruit top young talent, and that many are looking for new and innovative solutions. It was clear that the job boards already available were not sufficient in helping these struggling employers recruit.

We built our website based on the feedback we received from the human resources departments at McDonald’s Canada and Recipe Unlimited.

Our employer dashboard addresses many of the common problems employers in high turnover industries face. In fact, all of the different features available on Swob came from employer feedback.

For example, a Tim Hortons store owner in Toronto told us of his frustration, when posting part-time positions available at his store in Toronto on other traditional job boards, of receiving applications from candidates in Vancouver. We took his feedback and developed a solution on Swob called ‘Maximum Applicant Distance’ which allows employers to select the distance they want candidates to apply from, thereby ensuring local applicants.

We heard a problem, and we developed a solution.

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One of the key features that makes Swob unique are our filters, which allow employers to filter candidates by age, availability, education and experience, reducing the time spent screening applications. Another feature we developed for employers is saved job descriptions, which lets employers duplicate an existing job without having to complete the job details again. This is a feature many other job boards don’t offer, even though a number of employers told us that they often need to duplicate the position. Employers also have access to the applicants full application and Swob profile, and can use our automated emails to start the conversation with these candidates.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for employers to retain and find talent, with turnover exceeding 80 per cent per year. With more young talent looking for tools like Swob, it’s clear they are moving away from traditional methods. Many employers want to ensure they adapt to new innovations, and not fall behind on advancing trends. Employers posting roles on Swob no longer have to go through physical stacks of resumes; they can now simply post jobs, screen applicants, and communicate with the candidates they are interested directly through Swob.

Our technology even captured the attention of Sir Richard Branson in May of 2018, as Swob was awarded $10,000 and named the first ever Canadian company to win Richard Branson’s “Pitch to Rich” contest.

To date, Swob has helped many young job seekers find meaningful employment and is working with companies such as McDonald’s, Virgin Mobile Canada, The Source, Tim Hortons, Cactus Club, etc.

Our platform uses the language millennials understand. Let Swob focus on bringing the right candidates to you.

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