Shaking things up and raising the profile of clients

Diana Ruff, founder of She Devil Productions, talks about how to make an impact in an increasingly visual world

Diana Ruff is founder of She Devil Productions.

Diana Ruff
Diana Ruff

What’s She Devil Productions and when did you start the company?

Ruff: In 2012, I was heavily involved in broadcast, media production and documentary work. Most of this was for various other production companies and I said to myself it’s my turn. I’ve done well for others, now I’m ready to run my own operation, more than ready to service a developing client base.

My educational and professional background included an honours hybrid degree in Communications and Television from U of C and SAIT, and over a decade of corporate and commercial voice work and production, so kicking the business and production door wide open seemed like great idea and natural fit.

I named it She Devil Productions because a colleague and longtime business associate, Lanny Williamson, heard my idea, looked at me and said “OMG … that’s a devil of an idea. You are smart, you’re funny and tons of sass, it’s a dangerously great combination for a hot new Calgary entrepreneur.” It was the funniest compliment – at least I think it was a compliment – that I had ever gotten in my life. So the She Devil brand was born.

The coolest thing is that people either love or hate the name. The ones who love it are my best clients and the ones who hate it love my work anyway. One way or the other, it doesn’t bother me because we do great, interesting and edgy work and want to associate with people interested in shaking things up a little or raising their profile.

Can you explain the range of services you offer?

Ruff: We provide a host of services ranging from television shows, commercials, YouTube Videos, voice overs, radio jingles and paper advertisements. I know that sounds like a large variety but it’s true we can pretty much do anything in advertising/marketing/promotion. But we really do like to concentrate on video production.

Our home base is in downtown Calgary, where I have access to a large green screen suite for shooting epic videos and three state-of-the-art post-production audio facilities, including one that has 7.1 surround sound mixing capabilities, and is working with international clients on a regular basis, creating and lending instant cred.

Why is video a good medium for companies to get their message out for sales and branding?

Ruff: For starters, video is visual and we live in an extremely visual world. Take a look at YouTube and all of the sensational informational and entertaining options that are out there. It’s amazing what short, uniquely edited clips or instructional how-to videos can really elevate the exposure of any company, production or creative artist looking to be noticed.

And the truth is that what you see right now is only the tip of the iceberg … so don’t blink, you’ll miss the best part.

What types of businesses have used your services over the years?

Ruff: Oh, all kinds. We produced a television show for Pete the Plumber. We’ve created and produced hundreds of commercials and videos for the trades. But one of my favourite campaigns was for a seismic company. We incorporated the use of musical instruments and sound waves in juxtaposition with seismic pulses. It really made the client stand out, which in turn got them a greater amount of business.

What are you plans for the company going forward?

Ruff: I really would like to dabble a bit more with digital marketing and creating more of an online presence for companies because I honestly believe that’s where the advertising world is headed.

Also hooking up with other production companies to be involved in longer form documentary style projects, investigating virtual reality and taking a shot at features and series work really turns my crank.

She Devil has no fear.

– Mario Toneguzzi

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