Calgary-based technology company helping businesses save on costs

Businesses get instant insight into their entire telecommunications and IT landscape with only a few clicks of a mouse

Mario ToneguzziCalgary-based SpikeFli Analytics, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, is helping businesses large and small seamlessly manage their telecom and information technology infrastructure to make better decisions in more cost-effective ways.

It’s doing that by providing the business community, and telecom and IT management professionals, with instant big-data analytics and management reports through a centralized platform to better explain, manage and forecast their related products and services.

“SpikeFli Analytics was born out of a need to understand vast amounts of data in the telecommunications industry,” said Heather Pauls, president and co-founder of SpikeFli. “Businesses at all levels deal with multiple telecommunications vendors offering various products and services in many different regions.

“Being able to understand the who, what, when, where and why related to telecom and IT infrastructure and spend is next to impossible when you only have access to the paper invoices, or individual carrier/vendor billing platforms. Until now, there hasn’t been one platform that centralizes all of those vendors invoicing into one place for IT and finance professionals. SpikeFli does that and it also normalizes the billing data to give the reader a direct comparison between all of their vendors. Now businesses have instant insight into their entire telecommunications and IT landscape, with only a few clicks of a mouse.”

Pauls and Jan Forsyth founded the company in 2015.

Pauls said IT, finance and procurement departments are more than ever being asked to find ways to do more with less. When dealing with hundred of employees, thousands of products and services, and numerous vendors, it’s impossible to even know where to start.

SpikeFli’s technology ensures businesses have the facts they need to reduce costs, manage assets and budget appropriately. Whether it’s for wireless and  wireline telecom, software licences, hardware, etc., if it’s billed on a monthly basis, and a company wants to drill into the data, SpikeFli can provide that insight immediately.

“SpikeFli is an industry disruptor. It’s a cloud-based product, available for a small monthly fee, without a long-term commitment. Traditionally technology at this level is only available to companies with big budgets, and teams of people to oversee the rollout of the new system. We’ve flipped that on its head. Pricing is no longer a barrier to entry, and clients can be up and running within a matter of hours,” said Pauls.

SpikeFli’s technology is particularly attractive in challenging economic times as businesses look at ways to reduce costs.

“No one wants to depend on multibillion-dollar telecommunications companies who answer to their shareholders to highlight areas where they’re overspending. Areas like high data usage, travel/roaming costs, unused devices, service fees, etc., SpikeFli spells all that out and gives clients the ability to make quick, informed decisions to correct the situation,” added Pauls.

No matter the size of the organization, SpikeFli provides instant insight that allows for reporting and management of all telecom and IT assets. It also eliminates the resources that go into sourcing, analyzing and presenting all the facts needed to manage those vendors.

SpikeFli has over 50 SMB to enterprise level businesses utilizing the technology in Canada and has begun to gain some traction south of the border, with government agencies and Fortune 500 companies on board.

“We see future growth in working with companies who want to increase insight and control in their telecom and IT budgets. As well as companies who wish to white-label SpikeFli Analytics to be able to better support their own clients in the management of telecom and IT, such as telecom expense management (TEM), telecom dealers, or IT-managed service providers,” said Pauls.

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