New School Principal Sherry Pfannmuller greets her new students on the first day of school.

With summer waning and autumn colours beginning to paint the landscape, Swan Hills students headed back to school this past Wednesday. Returning students appeared eager to reconnect with their friends after the summer break and begin a new chapter in their educational journey, while new students tried to contain their nervousness and excitement.

Swan Hills School’s new Principal, Sherry Pfannmuller, and Associate Principal, Kara King, greeted students in front of the building as they arrived for the first day of classes.

Later that afternoon, after the children and youth had a chance to settle in and get squared away, they were treated to a delightful surprise at a welcome assembly in the school’s large gym when the new school mascot, Grizz, stopped in to say hello. Grizz is an adorable bear, making him well-suited for cheering on the Swan Hills Grizzlies. The new mascot was getting a head start on building school spirit, making his debut appearance decked out in Grizzlies athletic wear. The students’ faces lit up with joy as they met their new furry friend, who will undoubtedly become a popular presence at school and community events.

As the students settled into their classrooms and reconnected with friends, the sense of anticipation for the year ahead was palpable. The start of a new school year is a time for fresh beginnings, renewed enthusiasm, and the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve new heights.

The Grizzly Gazette hopes that all of the students and school staff had an incredible summer and shares their excitement for a brand new year full of opportunities.