The Swan Hills Fire Department (SHFD) received notification of a house fire at 54 Derrick Crescent around 9:03 AM on Thursday, January 25th. Fortunately, there were no casualties; all occupants and pets had evacuated safely before the SHFD arrived.

Upon receiving the call, the SHFD promptly dispatched all available fire apparatus vehicles. The Fort Assiniboine Fire Department also lent support as a mutual aid partner. Together, they contained and extinguished the blaze, preventing its spread to neighbouring properties. Though a nearby vehicle suffered minor damage, it was a small cost compared to the potential devastation had the fire reached other structures.

The SHFD concluded their operation around 4:00 PM, with all fire apparatus vehicles back in service by 5:00 PM. SHFD Fire Chief Otto Fleming stated that the fire appears to have been caused by a heat source, but the incident is still under investigation.