Lights flashing, safety arms extended and students waiting to safely board, school bus driver Marty Freckelton ensures her passengers safely board the bus and make it to school on time.

Swan Hills School is now in full swing, having resumed classes nearly three weeks ago. As we settle back into our routines, we must remain vigilant and considerate while navigating our roads. With a significant number of students walking back and forth to school, our streets are seeing an uptick in pedestrian traffic during the mornings and afternoons.

Please exercise extra caution when driving, especially in areas where you might encounter children and teenagers crossing the road, both at designated crosswalks and unmarked crossings. It’s important to grant them a bit of leeway, as their attention might not be entirely focused on the vehicles and traffic around them. Additionally, remember to follow the posted speed limits, especially within the school zone. Keep a watchful eye out for the dedicated safety patrollers at the crosswalks in front of the school.

However, traffic safety also includes being mindful of the other vehicles on the road. The school bus plays a crucial role in transporting students to and from school every day. Be on the lookout for its flashing lights, which serve as a warning that a child may be approaching or leaving the vehicle. When these lights turn red, it’s imperative for motorists both behind and in front of the school bus to come to a complete stop. Violating this law can result in a substantial $567 fine and the loss of 6 demerit points.

No matter how rushed our schedules may be, there’s nothing more important than safeguarding the well-being of our community’s children and youth. Let’s all commit to being mindful of the students who share our roads. Ensuring their safety remains our top priority.