volleyball game
Constables Kevin Chopek and Russell Hoffman go all in for the block as they face off against the Grizzlies Senior Boys

A short awards ceremony was held just before the volleyball action kicked off on Wednesday to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of the Senior Girls and Senior Boys team members. For the Senior Girls team, Keri Gardiner was presented with the Most Valuable Player award, Bethany Torvalson received the Sportsmanship Award, and Hannah Baker earned Most Improved. Phillip Calihoo was recognized as Most Valuable Player for the Senior Boys, Kasen Gardiner received the Sportsmanship Award, and Evan Hamel was recognized as Most Improved. The Grizzlies Senior Boys were also recognized for winning the Championship at the 2023 Boyle Red Eye Tournament. 

The Swan Hills School Grizzlies Senior Boys and Girls volleyball teams played an intense but friendly game against the local RCMP detachment and Community Peace Officer (CPO). Each member of the Swan Hills RCMP detachment participated, including the new Detachment Commander, Sgt. Stefan Manaigre, and Constables Kevin Chopek, Russell Hoffman, Declan Treichel, and Michael Young. With CPO Clint Baker to round out the team, the six law enforcement officers played back-to-back games against the Grizzlies Senior Girls first and then the Senior Boys. 

Cheers and applause could be heard echoing down the halls of the school as students, teachers, and community members filled the stands in the school’s large gym to take in the excitement. 

Both volleyball games were action-packed, with the score teetering back and forth between the opposing teams, but in the end, the Senior Girls were victorious in their game, winning it handily with a final score of 25 – 18. The Senior Boys also played an excellent game, but the RCMP took it at the end with a final score of 30 – 28. 

Each team engaged in a high-energy match, demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship and maintaining a balance between competitiveness and enjoyment. The game’s emphasis wasn’t necessarily on the outcome; instead, it offered the RCMP and students a chance to unite and revel in a thrilling and enjoyable event. 

As a community, we are fortunate to have an RCMP detachment and CPO who are so dedicated to community outreach and fostering positive connections with our youth.